Having Applied Psychology at its core, nobody understands Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) better than MYMACOM. BCC deals with change of attitude followed by desired change in behaviour to rid of the society from actions impeding progress. BCC campaign is always a very comprehensive assignment where one needs to have a thorough comprehension of local population dynamics which vary from segment to segment in addition to geographical diversities.

Population Segments

Ruling Elite

  • Federal & Provincial Legislators
  • Local Council Chairmen
  • District Administration

Vibrant & Proactive

  • Academia
  • Youth
  • Business Community
  • General Population

Opinion makers

  • Religious Scholars
  • Civil Society Activists
  • Lawyers
  • Local Influentials

BCC Arena

  • Promotion of State Narratives
  • Mental Health & Drug Abuse Prevention
  • Counter Violence & Extremism
  • Pluralism & Interfaith Harmony
  • Water Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)
  • Preventive Health Practices
  • Inclusive Education & Gender Mainstreaming
  • Social Development for Marginalized Communities

BCC Instruments

  • Awareness Seminars
  • Corner Meetings
  • Town hall Gatherings
  • Door to Door Campaign
  • Market Mobilization
  • District Outdoor branding
  • Mobile Branding
  • Electronic, Print & Social Media Engagement
  • IEC Material Dissemination
  • Art Competitions