MYMACOM’s featured consulting solution, Organizational Culture & Communications Audit (OC2A) is a highly systematic assessment, of an organization’s normative culture and prevalent communications practices. Owing to its evaluative & formative properties, on strategic & tactical grounds, a holistic OC2A undertakes following steps:

  • Organizations need a long term growth trajectory while heavily relying upon its human capital, engaging culture and convergence of individual & organizational goals as an auto-piloted system.
  • The first step to implement this system is a rigorous and impartial evaluation & assessment of organizational culture and multilateral communication practices through OC2A techniques.
  • Resultantly, the formative phase of OC2A will deliver a strategic and tactical action plan for an improved and highly efficient performance enhancing culture across the board.

The process


  • Consultation with Senior Management
    Goal Setting – Solution Customization
  • Identification of Channels & KPIs
    Current Practices – Review & Evaluation
  • The Core Process
    Conducting Primary Audit


  • Integrative Fact Finding
    Analyses & Benchmarking
  • Implementation & Way Forward
    Strategic Action Plan & Training Workshop
  • Revalidation & Continuation
    Follow-on Activities

Targeted Outcomes

  • Critical Review of HR & OD Policies & Practices
  • Efficient Communications Channels
  • Policy Guidelines for High-Performance Work Culture
  • Cross-functional Efficacy on Strategic & Tactical Levels
  • Linking Growth Strategy with Human Capital Optimization