The word psychometric basically refers to the measurement of the mind. Psychometric testing allows the company to gather a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s personality and abilities. Employers who choose to use psychometric testing during the recruitment and appraisal/promotion processes gain a better overall evaluation of the candidate and secures the best fit for the role. MYMACOM, with a team of expert Organizational Psychologists & Psychometricians, offers a range of psychometric testing & profiling solutions as follows:


Recruitment & Selection

Right person for the right job is the gist of today’s talent acquisition . In the age when skills, attitude and personality are more powerful predictors than degrees, psychometric assessments for hiring & selection are a must-to-opt-for solutions. MYMACOM offers a range of such measures suitable for the job-organization continuum.

  • Behavioral Interviewing
  • Personality Profiling
  • Values & Motives Inventories
  • Aptitude Testing
  • Cognitive Ability Testing

Organizational Development

High engagement culture propels an organization wide performance & productivity and optimizes the human capital for sustainable growth on all counts. Our psychometric solutions consists of high resolution inventories and diagnostic measures to ascertain the needs and suitable interventions for a transformational change.

  • Culture & Communications Audits
  • HR Audits
  • Job Satisfaction & Motivation Surveys
  • Training Needs Assessments (TNA)
  • Development Need Assessment (DNA)

Leadership Progression

Identification of and strategic investment in high potential employees result into a bottomline growth and prospects’ enhancement. A range of authentic psychometric measures by MYMACOM helps employers chalk out immediate, short-term and long-term plans for human capital optimization.

  • Occupational Competency Inventories
  • 360° Leadership Profiling
  • Emotional Intelligence Inventories
  • Behavioral Competencies Assessment
  • High Potential Assessment Centers