Based on fundamental principles of preventive modal of personal wellbeing supported by occupational health & positive psychology, this is a very well crafted evidence based holistic solution for a healthier organizational culture driven by resilient workforce.
The 60 – HOURS INTEVERNTION based on empirical evidence and comprising of:

  • Assessments & Profiling
  • Organizational Wellness Indexing
  • Experiential Learning Sessions & Training
  • Impact Assessment
  • Follow-up Plan

For a healthy and thriving workplace through a customized yet holistic and result-oriented in-house wellness program.

Target Outcomes

  • Enjoyment of work activities
  • A sense of cohesiveness and support
  • Flourishing productivity and creativity
  • Mutual respect among co-workers
  • Different points of view are welcomed with ongoing dialogue resulting in a safe environment for employees to share their experiences
  • Reduced Turnover & Absenteeism
  • Reduced ‘presenteeism’ (A phenomenon in which employees are at work but are not as productive due to stress, depression, injury, illness, or burnout)
  • Increased potential to reduce healthcare-related costs
  • Provides additional parallel therapeutic process by demonstrating the interrelationship between organizational culture and standard clinical interventions