Since its inception, MYMACOM has accumulated considerable experience under its belt across a wide spectrum of research arena. Our professionalism and commitment to each assignment is self-evident in our clients’ list and projects. MYMACOM renders its services as an end-to-end solution provider when it comes to customised and syndicated research studies for corporate (for-profit) entities and not-for-profit organizations.

Specialization Areas

  • Policy & Action Research
  • Behavioral & Attitudinal Measurement
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Studies
  • Primary & Secondary Researches
  • Masses’ & Stakeholders’ Research
  • Archival Researches & Meta Analyses
  • Tracking & Longitudinal Studies
  • Experimental & Lab Testing
  • Segmentation & Market Size Estimations
  • Data Computation & Advanced Analytics

Subject Expertise

  • International cooperation and development
  • Public policy, participation and deliberation
  • Political research & opinion polling
  • Marketing, Brand Building & Tracking
  • Public health, families & children
  • Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)
  • Economics, Finance and Energy
  • Healthcare systems and services
  • Livelihood & Micro financing
  • Education & Employability Indexing


1. Qualitative Approaches

  1. Focus Group Discussions
  2. In depth Interviews
  3. Archival Research
  4. Naturalistic Observation
  5. In-home visits
  6. Narrative Field Logs & Diaries
  7. Phenomenology & Ethnography
  8. Grounded theory & Case Study Methods

2. Quantitative Approaches

  1. Online Panels
  2. Email Surveys
  3. Computer Assisted Telephonic Interviews
  4. Computer Assisted Personal Interviews
  5. Face to Face Interviews
    – Door to Door
    – Exit Interviews
    – Central Location Testing


Public Opinion Survey on Democratic Governance Standards in Pakistan
A quantitative study of public opinion on issues confronting the masses and their correlation with democratic governance in the country

Water Scarcity and Its Costs: Migration Pattern and Key Challenges

A quantitative study on water hygiene, its accessibility and conservation practices and the correlation of the findings with internal migration pattern and the associated challenges

Effect of Economic Growth and Environmental Stressors/Shocks on Women
A quantitative study of environmental stressors mainly comprising of the inaccessibility of clean water and its role as a principal determinant in quality of life.

KAP Study for WASH
A post intervention impact evaluation assessment of the targeted group’s knowledge, attitude and practices towards using water, hygiene, sanitation and their media habits.

Police Perception Survey
An impact evaluation assessment quantitative study of UNODC interventions in boosting perception about police force in Baluchistan.

Attitudinal & Behavioral study on BCC Interventions
A pre and post BCC intervention impact evaluation study of attitude and behavioral pattern in charity practices, tolerance and peace-building, interfaith harmony and resilience of distinctive population segments of the targeted districts.

Attitudinal & Motivational Study
A qualitative study on foreign qualified Ph.D. faculty members of CIIT across its seven campuses comprising of FGDs and IDIs encompassing the attitudinal and motivational facets of the respondents with regard to their professional as well as personal growth parameters

Communication Audit
A study commissioned to ascertain the causes and devise recommendations for effective strategic communication outreach and identification of optimum factors for intra-communication channels of provincial branches of Pakistan Red Crescent across Pakistan.

Gender Equity Survey
A quantitative study to provide reliable baseline information to enhance awareness of gender based violence through talk shows on private channels, to help develop media campaigns aimed at raising awareness and fighting against Gender-Based Violence in Pakistan.

National Survey on Voter Participation
A national survey on voter participation to help them understand and evaluate the efficacy of voters’ education efforts by ECP.

USAID Campaign Evaluation “Roshan Pakistan”
A series of Campaign Evaluation Survey for USAID to understand Pakistani public over basic issues, USA and USAID acceptability and campaign effectiveness over 2 years, provide reliable baseline information to facilitate awareness through media campaigns and understand perception, current level of awareness about US efforts and its image, find out media habits and usage of audience in order to maximize the media campaign impact.

Study on Labor Migration
A quantitative study commissioned by New York University Abu Dhabi Campus for an Empirical Analysis of Labor Migration Center to better understand the experience of recruitment to employment in overseas locations that occurs in Pakistan.

Impact Evaluation Study of Bolo Jawan
A post intervention impact evaluation survey of editorial training for the web portal Bolo Jawan on promotion of citizen journalism amongst youth.

Baseline Study – Child Healthcare
A quantitative study to identify, assess and gauge the understanding on childhood diarrhea management and treatment, evaluate awareness and effectiveness of its treatment and identify important mediums to reach target group for zinc treatment campaign.

Measuring Attitudinal Patterns towards Drug Use and its Relation with Terrorism
A qualitative study to understand and assess attitudes towards drugs and its covariance with social kinks in general and terrorism in particular in the country with reference to mass sentiment and knowledge about violent extremist organizations’ participation in narcotics trafficking.